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"At shallow depths of a hidden bay, in the full moon's light, a beautiful Akoya was born, ready to explore treasures of the Pacific Ocean. The old Japanese legend says the abandoned mother pearl became a shelter for a baby siren that perfectly fit inside the tiny oyster's shell, hiding from the darkness of night"

Our Akoya Pearl is the ultimate luxury bath bomb that everyone wants in the drawer of pampering gems! Beautiful, perfectly round, shiny, and bright. The pearl swirls around the tub, releasing fluffy white bubbles, magically transforming your bath into a turquoise haven. The botanical elixir infuses into the water to soften and moisturize your skin. A steamy cloud of breezy fruity-floral scent fills the room to evoke memories of a sugar-white beach and brings joy to your heart and soul.

How To Use

Drop into a warm bath and watch as the bomb fizz and create art in your bathwater.