Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your RSVP! We are delighted that you will be able to join us for the special event. Your child's presence will make the celebration even more special.
We kindly request that you please refrain from picking up your child in the middle of the event. We have planned various activities and games that are designed to be enjoyed as a group, and we wouldn't want any child to miss out on the fun.

If there are any concerns or scheduling conflicts that might require an early pickup, please let us know in advance so that we can make suitable arrangements.

Please keep in mind that picking up children early can disrupt the flow of the party and potentially diminish the overall experience for both your child and the other attendees. We want all the children to have a memorable experience together.

If you have any specific requests or dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate them accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and confirming your attendance. We look forward to seeing you.
1. Please wait for the page to completely load for all of the events to show.
2. Choose the event and click on the RSVP button for the registration form to open.
3. Provide your name and email address, press CHECKOUT button.
4. Click on the Event Waiver Form link and fill out and submit the form. 
Congratulations! Your child is registered for the event. Your confirmation will be sent to the email provided.

Best regards,
Beauty Sweet Workshop