THE FLOWER POWER DISCOVERY SET is an enchanting assortment of six floral fragrance compositions presented as a mini perfumer’s set with dropper bottles.

Our carefully crafted fragrance compositions capture the essence of different blooming flowers, allowing the subtle nuances to shine through and enabling children to learn and appreciate the unique characteristics of each flower.

The fragrance compositions are not overpowering and have a cheerful quality that brings joy, positivity, and excitement. Each fragrance can be used alone or blended with others in the same collection, allowing bespoke fragrance combinations. The compositions are Fresh Rose, Blue Lilac, Lily Of The Valley, White Freesia, Sparkling Jasmine, and Exotic Gardenia.

The Flower Power Discovery Sets serve as a conversation starter and a source of curiosity for the children embracing their adventurous spirits. Children may wonder about the different flowers represented in the scents and their unique characteristics. This curiosity stimulates their learning and appreciation for nature, making the experience magical and educational.