This program was created for kids age 7 and up. Crafting activities usually take about 2 hours each day. We divide the activities into two parts to ensure that kids will have fun and will not lose focus during this part of the camp. Adjustments to our plan may be necessary. Some projects may have to be substituted or removed from the program. We are also preparing a few surprises and may invite special guests to the program. Our goal is to fill each “Beauty Sweet Spa Basket" to the top, and have fun creating treasured memories for Summer 2020!
Today kids will learn about different soap making techniques and practice the Melt and Pour method. Learning this worthy craft, we will embed decorations, use luscious scents, vibrant colors, and make one-of-a-kind beautiful creations. While working on group and individual projects, kids will make facial cleansing bars, body buffing bars, and shover jellies... so many unique handmade products in just two days!

• Inspiring creativity builds marketing skills. Kids will learn about the selling process and the importance of packaging. Then, they will create unique names and packaging for their playful creations. This is so much fun! 
Kids will be introduced to the fascinating world of perfume creation reviewing a collection of the most beautiful and creative perfume bottles. Then kids will design (make a drawing) their own perfume packaging. On the journey to becoming a "Perfumer’s Apprentice", my young "Aficionados" will explore different scents, learn to distinguish various notes, and then create their personal fragrance! Perfume names will also be created. They will proudly take home "The Masterpiece" - their very own Bespoke Parfum Roll-On!
• Goal setting and visualization are vital for future success. Kids will write down one goal for today and the steps necessary to accomplish the goal. Written goals are over 80 percent more likely to be achieved! 
Midway through the workshop, my honeybees will learn about aromatherapy and explore precious essential oil synergy blends including mood lifters, sweet dream enchanters, and beauty wonders, designed especially for those uncomfortable days. As this day is all about the bathing ritual, relaxation, and chic bathing treats, we will have a hands-on experience making gorgeous bath fizzes, melts, and sweet bubbly bars.
• Failure can be a great thing if a positive lesson is learned. Some of the bath products we will try to create today are tricky to make. We will discuss what factors can lead to a formulation failure, and brainstorm ways to prevent it from happening again. We will also encourage kids not to give up if they face difficulties, pointing positive aspects of each failure.
The menu of delicious gourmand fragrances will be introduced and there will be a lot of whipping, piping and decorating done in the beehive's kitchen today! Kids will work together on creating fluffy body soufflés, and colorful sugar scrubs. At the end of the day we will package and label all of those delicious goodies!
 • Effective communication improves all relationships. We will explain why it is important to communicate and express our opinion with others. As we do group projects, we will encourage kids to be extra polite, listen, and speak slowly, and clearly while maintaining eye contact. 
This last day of the workshop is full of surprises. Kids will start by making a few more products, including massaging bars and lotion bars. Final touches on the packaging will be done, and then we will have a little "sweet treat" celebration, playing games, and having fun together. Each kid will receive a very special gift from the Humblebee today. 
• Independence creates confidence and the art of giving back creates happiness. The entrepreneurial juices will flow today as we will brainstorm ways to sell handmade goods, and choose a special cause to support in the future.
With tears in their eyes, they will say goodbye to each other and walk away with a lot of new knowledge, joyful memories, fun pictures, and their treasured "Beauty Sweet Spa Baskets”.
Who knows where those creative ideas will lead these young girls. It all starts in the mind!